Dhamaka Explosion of flavours

Dhamaka assimilates the culture of India

Stories of Indian Spice & Tradition

At Dhamaka we do things a little differently than British curry houses. We want to showcase the street food of India from across India. The food that Indians have savoured all these years and has never become old fashioned.

We want our customers to experience the authentic street food of India nibble on various street food share amongst friends and family in a cool and vibrant casual dining place.

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Dhamaka is not your typical curry house. It’s a street food restaurant bringing you flavors from every corner of India. From tangy snacks that flow across Indian streets to “indo Chinese” that is fusion of Indian & Chinese cuisine, we offer a perfect balance of Indian and Chinese ingredients, popular in the Northern part of the country.


Discover the essence of India in our wide selection of beverages. From beers, wines, ciders, and spirits to tantalizing cocktails and mocktails, we serve drinks that replicate the authentic flavors found on Indian streets. Every sip will tempt you for more, leaving you thirsty for the next delightful experience.